About Us

About six decades ago, two greatest visionaries, Mr. Abdulla Abdul Rahman AlKhaja and Mr. Zainulabedin Abdul Rahman AlKhaja, laid the foundation stone of their lifetime dream --- to set up a trading company in Dubai, dealing with engineering goods, particularly building materials, tools and hardware and to do it in such a way as to set a shining example for the rest.

To cater to the growing needs of nation-building in structural steel, engineering fabrication & welding, the National Trunk Factory, popularly known as NTF, was simultaneously launched.

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Our Companies

  • Akola Chemicals

    Setting Industry Standards

  • “ Today, we owe our deep debt of gratitude to the pioneering spirit of my late father Mr. Abdulla Abdul Rahman Al Khaja & my distinguished uncle, Mr. Zainulabedin Abdul Rahman Al Khaja, who possessed the drive & determination to give their dream a concrete form. They are true idols to us all."

    Mr. Abdul Rahim Al Khaja,
    Chairman, Al Khaja Group.